Beyond tenure: reviewing the welfare and ministry of retired pastors in Zimbabwe

Kimion Tagwirei


Increasing numbers of retired pastors have been struggling with welfare and ministry challenges upon retirement in Zimbabwe for decades. Scholarship on the wellbeing and ministry of retired pastors in Zimbabwe is scanty. Thus, this study explored problems that the pastors of the Assemblies of God Back to God (AOG BTG) face after retirement. Applying Osmer’s methodology, this paper addressed what the church, and pastors could do to prepare for, and deal with their difficulties. It proposed that the church could rebuild her economic sustainability to resource pastors to effectively prepare for retirement, adopt pension plans and support different ministries that they could engage in. It also recommended that pastors could embrace tent–making to enhance their economic sustainability and prepare for retirement through establishing fellowship and mentorship programs to withstand loneliness and contribute to the development of clerical human resources, utilizing wisdom from their experiences. This article reviews problems that pastors face upon retirement in Zimbabwe, and solutions that they can consider. It draws the attention of the Church and clerics to their welfare and ministry after tenure.


Pastors; Tenure; Retirement; Sustainability; Fellowship; Ministry

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